re-name content part 'WYSIWYG HTML' as Richtext'

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re-name content part 'WYSIWYG HTML' as Richtext'

Post by spirelli »

Please, is it possible to re-name content part 'WYSIWYG HTML' as 'Richtext' or 'Richtext editor' or similar?

It's just that a 'normal' person acting as an editor would understand that better. It's a typical case of avoiding jargon.

Maybe the 3 text CPs could be something like:

plain text
rich text
rich text + image

I'd also like to suggest that 'html' and 'code' CPs move to appear after 'rich text + image' in the default order.

This is a suggestion to implement in future releases, so no need to answer with hack suggestions.

I'd also like to mention this suggestion again.
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Heiko H.
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Post by Heiko H. »

Just edit /include/inc_lang/backend/your_language/ as you need...

edit: This is not really a hack i think :roll:

Ciao Heiko...

Post by jscholtysik »

Hi spirelli,

as you already know, please write your feature requests (also) at SourceForge at ... tid=607701

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Post by phalancs »

Hey, i think this thought is right. "Richtext" sounds by far better that "Wysiwygwswys HTML" ;)