New matrix with [COLUMN] and rows // since r403

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New matrix with [COLUMN] and rows // since r403

Post by Jensensen » Sun 5. Dec 2010, 03:27

The new variables in CP images <DIV>, CP imagespecial are "formatted like WIN.INI". How to use it?

second question:
Does anybody know the matrix of [COLUMN] and rows in combination with the new teaser.tmpl? How can you use it?
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Re: New matrix with [COLUMN] and rows // since r403

Post by pepe » Sun 5. Dec 2010, 11:56

Is'n there a new class to manage the "construction" of the columns by CSS ???

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Re: New matrix with [COLUMN] and rows // since r403

Post by Oliver Georgi » Sun 5. Dec 2010, 17:20

the class can be defined by yourself.
[COLUMN] class="col-{COLUMN}"[/COLUMN] -> class="col-1" … class="col-n"

This is useful to define the last column have no right margin or col-1 have no left margin or whatever for instance.

And this
will force the renderer to use 5 columns always (by default).

If the max column count is reached next column will match 1.
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