The simplest ready-to-use shop system needed

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The simplest ready-to-use shop system needed

Post by spirelli »

What's the simplest shop sythem I could use (e.g. minimum of adjustments nessecary, final payment through PayPal or similar)?

Needs to:

- Preview items, incl descriptions and price
- ability to select quantity
- link to payment

That's about it. It's for an artist who wants to sell some prints at nearly cost price. Not much of a budget... The rest of the site is simple static HTML pages, so no need to install a CMS. PHP/MySQL available, but I'm happy if database is not needed.

Many thanks!
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Post by DeXXus »

I have NO experience with this one, but it looks simple & well-documented: ... are-1.html

Shop-Script FREE
(shopping cart software)
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Post by axelko »


You could use quickcart free version and use some plugins to get paypall working. Just change the default .css file to change the look and feel. ( I made an simple shop for an artist with quickcart (

Or you could use gallery2, this is an easy 'photo album' with a lot of extra modules also one for ordering photo's. (

Or of course you can try the shopmodule in phpWCMS 1.3.5


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