Really struggling, please help

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Really struggling, please help

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I have installed Phpwcms, and I really do like the look of it. I have looked at a few sites that are powered by phpwmcs and they also look really good. Now the problem I have, is that I have very basic html skills, although i can use dreamweaver to some degree!!

I have got my site up and installed the demo template from the forum:

What i want to do is work out how to custom the template and navigation menu, so it is placed in a style and position like:


But for the life of me, I just can't work out how to do this, in the template section, in the admin area there is no where to place the menu in the "top" area, as its not there in the page layout section.

I hope i'm being clear, I really want to get to grips with this, but I feel like i'm hitting my head on a wall. Is there a more in-depth documentation for creating templates using dreamweaver or css.


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