Update phpwcms for PHP 7 / Providers discontinue support for older PHP versions

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Update phpwcms for PHP 7 / Providers discontinue support for older PHP versions

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It's 2019 and since the end of the year 2018 a lot of providers stop supporting PHP < 7.

Only a few keep temporary support for PHP 5.6. So it's good to plan moving on and update phpwcms to a release > 1.9. phpwcms itself is ready for PHP 7. But some of older scripts or plugins might need custom work. Keep in mind that phpwcms switched to mysqli. If you use custom database queries check to update your custom scripts against built-in database abstraction layer. The function _dbQuery() is mostly what you search for.

If it's not possible to update your phpwcms and you are not an experienced admin who knows how to compile own versions of PHP another good option is to get a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with Plesk support. Plesk still has support for older PHP versions with a single click.

Still! Older versions of phpwcms works very well with PHP 5.6!

If you need help contact me please. I am always busy but mostly I can help very fast.

[Info from 2017]
As many of you know or might faced with most web hosting providers end their support for PHP version 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4, some for 5.5 too with the beginning of 2017.

No panic, phpwcms works quite well with some very few changes.

Have a look at my short Wiki article on GitHub.
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