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WTF Records & Distro

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Really proud to present: - WTF Records & Distro (hardcore punk music label - signed 7 bands from all over the world!)

About WTF Records
WTF Records is an underground hardcore punk record label.
Releases are ranging from pure oldschool hardcore (All For Nothing / Still Screaming) to heavy and dark metalcore (Human Demise). With Bulldog Courage and Spider Crew we also throw in some hard and heavy working class hardcore!!!

Our Distro has over 1000 titles and is still growing, cheap prices and fast delivery is our thing so make sure you check out our WTF webshop!!
This WTF Records website is SEO, built with Strict HTML and has a custom module integrated: releases module with it's own content-part (releases list).
Also hear the 30 sec. audio clips and check out the JW Media Player plugin.

phpwcms to the max!

Feedback welcome! Thanks.
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Re: WTF Records & Distro

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Hi Cyppher,

Great website with very cool looks and technics. Also the content I like very much, hardcore punk. Did you happen to see the Casualties in Arnhem last month?


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