Frontend Render Error JW Imagerotator

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Frontend Render Error JW Imagerotator

Post by berndL » Thu 9. Jun 2011, 08:07

After copying all files to the inc_module directory, everything just worked fine within the backend.

But in the frontend-view I get this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function initswfobject() in /kunden/200xxx_56xxx/webseiten/xxxxxxx/include/inc_module/mod_imagerotator/inc/cnt.article.php on line 58

The latest imagerotator.swf file is used...

Who may give me a hint?

Thanks in advance!

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Oliver Georgi
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Re: Frontend Render Error JW Imagerotator

Post by Oliver Georgi » Mon 13. Jun 2011, 02:22

This has nothing to do with the SWF file itself.

Check that your version of phpwcms is current and/or module version. Seems you have an older release of phpwcms. The function to initialize SWFObject has changed for compatibility reasons a long time ago. You can use Google Code to find out when.
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