JW Mediaplayer - Transiton effects slide show

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JW Mediaplayer - Transiton effects slide show

Post by santscho » Wed 19. Mar 2008, 09:22

Hello there

The original script supports transiton effect like "mosaic" "fase" drops"....
How can I enable the effects in the player?

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Re: JW Mediaplayer - Transiton effects slide show

Post by Jensensen » Wed 19. Mar 2008, 17:43

seems that this works only with --> rotator but not with player.
read manual:
- transition (random): Only for the rotator. Sets the transition to use between images. The default, random, randomly pick a transition. To restrict to a certain transition, use these values: fade, bgfade, blocks, bubbles, circles, flash, fluids, lines or slowfade

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