mygallery and phpwcms - see no pictures

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mygallery and phpwcms - see no pictures

Post by 2xS » Mon 28. Aug 2006, 22:48

Hi there,

I've got a question regarding mygallery 1.6.4 script ( and phpcms. I simply can't get it to work.
I have downloaded the script and installed as described in readme, but I can't see any pictures. I can see the test-gallery (trabants) but the pictures are not present.
See ... 1d&mggal=1

phpwcms is installed in sudir "cms" of the domain. mygallery is running in subdir "/cms/include/inc_ext/"

path to phpwcms:
path to mygallery:

Path to pictures my browser shows:
But the correct path should be: ... abi_03.jpg

When I start the admin panel, it show me the trabant-gallery. However when I start to edit, delete or create and upload new images it leads me back to the login form without any error messages.

Variables in

$mgConf['pathtoscript'] = "include/inc_ext/mygallery/";
$mgConf['phpwcmsalias'] = "gallery";

The article content in phpwcms is as follows: {PHP:include/inc_ext/mygallery/}

Can you please give me an advice, why the pictures are not shown?

Thanks, best regards,


Post by scochet » Thu 9. Aug 2007, 17:55


i know that this is quite old, but i´ve now exactly the same problem?

any ideas how to solve it? i´m searching for a solution since yesterday evening...

greets simon

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Post by barbe » Tue 23. Oct 2007, 17:56

Anybody who could solve this problem? I have the same problem ...

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