{NOSPAM_EMAIL} Replacement Tag

Post custom hacks and enhancements for phpwcms here only. Maybe some of these things will be included in official release later.
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Post by marcus@localhorst » Fri 10. Aug 2007, 09:39

i think this tag is not needed anymore.
set a standard email link and see the sourcecode of the site, the maillink is changed into some JS stuff.
as far es I know, phpwcms do this automatically.


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Post by DeXXus » Fri 10. Aug 2007, 12:30

// this script tries to replace all email addresses by
// code to avoid email harvesting by spam bots
// all "mailto:" links will be replaced by combination
// of onclick javascript function and "#" anchor
[FIX] makeEmailSpamSave.php fixed to handle additional attributes. Failed in case of such: <a href="..." class="class">
[FIX] makeEmailSpamSave.php enhanced to avoid replacing email adresses in <input> and <textarea> fields.

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