Navigation: same-level and below-levels only - NAV_LIST_ALL

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Navigation: same-level and below-levels only - NAV_LIST_ALL

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I would like to ask how I can display in a custom navigation menu all same-level and below-level subcategories of the currently displayed page. This has been discussed in ... 23&start=0 and ... 62&start=0 but no solution has been proposed to this exact issue.

For example, in a structure like:

+ Web Hosting
++ Business Lite
++ Business Standard
++ Business Plus
+ Application Hosting

...when in "Business Standard", the navigation should display:

Business Lite
Business Standard (in Bold)
Business Plus

Could anyone suggest an individual Replacement tag or a modification of {NAV_LIST_CURRENT} or {NAV_LIST_ALL}?

For example something like: {NAV_LIST_ALL:CatAlias:ShowSameLevel} where CatAlias specifies the level at which listing should start and ShowSameLevel (0/1) specifies whether the same-level categories (with CatAlias) will be listed or not. If CatAlias is left empty, listing should start at current level (automatically).

I have posted the above at: but I have had no replies.

Please help find a solution, either direct or a hack.
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