Advanced Custom Fields

Post custom hacks and enhancements for phpwcms here only. Maybe some of these things will be included in official release later.
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Advanced Custom Fields

Post by Goof_One » Thu 26. Jun 2014, 22:12

Hi there, hi Oli!
A really cool feature I saw in Wordpress was For Webdesigner and Only-Backend-and-Template-User I found this extension amazingly helpful.

The problem I currently have with phpwcms is that the backend is limited to cpts that have each a specific structure for specific usage. During the loads of projects I did with phpwcms I found myself in the situation of using the forms in the content parts in an unorthodox way. Lets say using the caption or even the subtitles in the Image Special to drop classes or inline-styles into the template. It feels like flying a helicopter in a living room :) .

From my point of view and my experience I wish that the content parts would be much more customizable in terms of adding new forms/input fiels/dropdowns etc....i would even say that the content parts themselves should be just a suggestion of how to structure a cpt.

ACF made a very good job i must say, because the usage is so simple (echo the_field(‘hero_text’)). The possibility of creating my own input forms inside a cpt reduces the amount of cpt templates I have to create, using simple if variables (same als [CAPTION][/CAPTION] or [CAPTION ELSE]): if checked = show parallax effect (plus a correct label and even description for clients and user).

As I have just some simple programming skills I dont know if that would be possible, so I'm happy with a simple yes or no :) its just bothering me for such a long time and need to know if there is a change for implanting this in phpwmcs or not.

Thanks allot for the great cms anyway!
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Re: Advanced Custom Fields

Post by nameless1 » Fri 27. Jun 2014, 09:33

fully agree - should be posted as featuere wish

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Re: Advanced Custom Fields

Post by Oliver Georgi » Fri 27. Jun 2014, 15:19

Is still on my list for one of the next releases to kick the old CPs away or transform these into such new basis of custom CPs.
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Re: Advanced Custom Fields

Post by update » Mon 27. Oct 2014, 16:21

Great news :)
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Re: Advanced Custom Fields

Post by Uwe367 » Tue 28. Oct 2014, 20:29

Sounds very good :D

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