Hack request: CP Form

Post custom hacks and enhancements for phpwcms here only. Maybe some of these things will be included in official release later.
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Hack request: CP Form

Post by santscho » Sun 22. May 2011, 10:04

Sorting form fields in the backend is not very comfortable, especially if you have many fields and you need to move one from bottom to top. I would say, it is a torture.
Would it be difficult to replace the "arrow up/down" sort function with a "drag'n'drop" sort function. (Similar to the sort function of casaloca's mediaplayer mod). Have no clue how to do that.
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Re: Hack request: CP Form

Post by baklavoni » Fri 10. Jun 2011, 20:41

I totally agree with you.
Hope it will be done...?
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Re: Hack request: CP Form

Post by Jensensen » Wed 15. Jun 2011, 21:50

you better could try: http://code.google.com/p/phpwcms/issues/list

i do agree, with you.
on the other hand, the field order in the CP is not important by using custom templates.
as far as i remember, the html output will be determined by the arrangement of labels and fields in a custom form template.

a) add any field to the CP as you want.
b) to get a certain order, edit the custom template, add labels and fields the way you need.
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Re: Hack request: CP Form

Post by update » Thu 16. Jun 2011, 11:17

Jensensensensen is absolutely right. While it is a pain in the a.. to rearrange form entries it is working out really well for custom templates, where any rearrangement can be done easily.
Whether you are using fieldsets and labels or doing it "the normal way" doesn't matter, but fieldsets are a nice way to style your form...
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