Attention: SQL-Error R529

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Attention: SQL-Error R529

Post by kukki » Wed 6. Mar 2013, 13:10

I found in Google-Version R529 a SQL-Error. In file ...\setup\default_sql\phpwcms_init_410.sql is a sql-line missing, in Github is these missing sql-line ready.
But I don't know how it works as "SETUP". These error I found only with a new install.

:!: If you have load your version R529 from Google, you must complete this file after line 235 with

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`acat_disable301` int(1) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
With phpMyAdmin you can complete this table with:

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ALTER TABLE `phpwcms_articlecat` ADD `acat_disable301` int(1) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'
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Re: Attention: SQL-Error R529

Post by Oliver Georgi » Wed 6. Mar 2013, 18:50

That error has NO effect because the upgrade check while login will add that field. Why it was not working for your install, I have no clue.
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