adding jquery lightbox on images

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adding jquery lightbox on images

Post by rbrickyboy » Thu 23. Aug 2012, 17:02

Hi all,
I am trying to add jquery lightbox on all images uploaded on a certain page,
how could I able to modify the template so I could append the class / id to the image or to its <a> tag.


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Re: adding jquery lightbox on images

Post by Oliver Georgi » Sun 26. Aug 2012, 09:59

Use the following in your template (maybe the Content Part’s one holding the images, untested):

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Put the following code snippet (maybe name it lightbox.php) in your template/inc_script/frontend_render:

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if(strpos($content['all'], 'INIT_LIGHTBOX')) {
Your image template should look like this:

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<a href="%large-image-source%" rel="lightbox"><img = src="%thumbnail-image-source%" /></a>
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