PHP version 5.3.x ??

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PHP version 5.3.x ??

Post by eralf »

I want on my server upgrade the PHP to version 5.3.6.
On the webserver I run 50 sites with phpwcms.
PHPwcms version 1.3.3 to the latest version 1.4.7.
Can I expect problems or can phpwcms unproblematically use PHP 5.3.6.?

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Re: PHP version 5.3.x ??

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It runs without any problems but check types of error reporting before doing so. It will produces some warnings and notices about deprecated things. Also be warned that some refernces $foo =& $whatever can make problems — so check your php.ini to be setup to deal with it.

Try with an older install first locally before sending everything to hell.
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