Greek Language support in Search in latest versions

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Greek Language support in Search in latest versions

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I know that Oliver has made many changes to the search code (and everywhere else in phpwcms), since 1.1 RC4 which I am still using. I should plan a major upgrade soon, and, because I have not been able to test any recent versions, I would like to ask whether Oliver has added in the core files greek language support during search, as I requested in my thread: ... ight=greek. This thread explained how to change code to work correctly in Greek.

1. Does current search system have incorporated greek support or I still have to hack code for it?
- And, if not -
Is foreign language support (including greek) planned for current development build and forthcoming phpwcms versions?
- Finally -

I believe this is important, because, other parts of the site may be hacked more easily for correct greek language support, while search code tinkering is much trickier and "quick fixes" could cause visible performance degradation.

As phpWCMS is such a fine product used around the world, I would hope Oliver will find it justifiable to add CORRECT greek (and other languages) support where possible, when the way to do it is clear.


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current release should support Greek without any problems. Try a small setup first - but I have optimized charset handling. Don't know which charset is Greek using by default - but UTF-8 should be your friend. But before using check that you are using MySQL >= 4.1.

Otherwise you should use ISO-8859-7 for phpwcms['charset'] and set charset "greek" for MySQL.

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