v1.9.0-beta.4 with MySQLi support needs testing!

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v1.9.0-beta.4 with MySQLi support needs testing!

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Hey guys,

I have committed a new branch v1.9-dev to GitHub. This will be the development basis of the forthcoming version of phpwcms.

I need your help! Because this branch got massive changes it is necessary that you test it very careful. It is really not for productional use at the moment.

Download 1.9 development release

It's just the first step. All native PHP MySQL functions (these are deprecated and not PHP7 compatible) were replaced by phpwcms’ own database functions (simple DBAL, based on MySQLi). You should check your custom scripts too and replace native mysql functions by _dbQuery() or special DB functions like _dbGet(), _dbUpdate(), _dbInsert().

Please! Report any issue – from installation to the backend and the frontend. Send in detailed error messages.

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