Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

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Oliver Georgi
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Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Post by Oliver Georgi »

Hi there,

I have seen while reply a topic:

Today, phpwcms Support Forum celebrates its 7th anniversary.

Thanks to all members and guests.

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Re: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Post by Cipolla »

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Re: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Post by novallis »

Late, but not to late:

Congratulation to this Forum an it's probably small but very competent community and also to the developper of this genial CMS!
So simple, so powerfull, so flexible.

Hope for a long life of the forum and the CMS.
I wish us all a well development / well evolution of phpwcms.

Best regards,
- Ralf (Novallis)

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Re: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Post by top »

Foren-Übersicht ‹ General ‹ phpwcms !!!Security Alert!!!
The seven year itch? / Das veflixte siebte Jahr? :wink:
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Re: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Post by G-Punkt »

Vielen Dank für dieses geile CMS!!!

Ich bin seit mindestens der Version 1.1-RC4 mit phpwcms unterwegs... puhhh, wann war denn das Teil aktuell?
Die Erinnerungen an die Hacks sind aber nicht sehr wehmütig.
Jetzt ist es dafür umso schöner. :D

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Re: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Post by FN-Media »

Schließe mich den Glückwünschen an und muss an dieser Stelle Oliver als auch den unermüdlichen Helfern hier meinen Dank aussprechen.
Tolles CMS und toller Support.
bye Rene
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Re: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Post by baklavoni »

Thank you Oliver, Knut, Claus, DF6IH, and all others, for development and great support, and all the great work you do!

Hope sometimes in the future phpWCMS will be more popular, because by my opinion, this is the best CMS!
Hopefully, there will be availability of easy installation of new modules for beginner administrators (it will definitely make CMS more popular), and availability of a lot of modules :)
Also, easier themes installation and integration.... ;)

Anyway, THIS IS GREAT CMS, and I will definitely use it for a long time.

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Re: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Post by marcus@localhorst »

best cms, keeps me away from trying out others (is there any other cms?)
thanks for all!
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Re: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Post by update »

marcus@localhorst wrote:is there any other cms?
Well, at least there have been dozens (and I have tried them all, eight to fifteen years ago, giving up on all of them)
Thanks for that well-thought piece of wisdom, Oliver!
And thanks to all these contributors out there (what would you do with a super car, equipped with tiny tires?) :mrgreen:
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Re: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Post by keivinwedell »

Dear Oliver, receive a great greeting from Mexico. Thank you very much for sharing the product of your talent and your effort with us. PHPWCMS is the best content management system that exists, and I am very grateful with you for allowing me to use it.

I want and I hope that the project continue celebrating many more years and above all, I hope joy and peace fill your life with good vibes from the community.

We love you Oliver! :D

Thank you very much!

The world is better with people how you. :)
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