Greeting to the Community

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Greeting to the Community

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Hey folks!

What's going on. It's time I guess to send a quick Hello to all of you.

Long time I was very silent and you may ask: "What the hell is this guy doing?".

Yes, it's planned to continue working on phpwcms even it's long time ago that you saw big changes. And some promised functions and features still missing or not finished yet. I am working on this and you can be sure I'm blushin ... but hey, life and work and earning money and customers and so many other (private) reasons...

At the moment I am on a little work/vacation trip. I stayed in Dubai, UAE the last 3 days but now I will go to China again. I will be there until mid of May and hope (planned, but you know...;-)) to work on the new project site.

So here is a little roadmap (don't pin me down on that):
1) New project website (within next 4 weeks)
2) rebrushed backend of phpwcms (until end of June)
3) finish permissions/user rights development (end of July)
4) always be happy (...going on and on and on)

If you like you can visit my Traveling Blog ... (sorry no time yet to fill it) - there is nothing at the moment or follow me on Twitter.

Maybe you are interested to meet me in China? I will stay in Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai - and maybe other places. Just contact me by email.

CU, have fun, stay friends

P.S. Do you like music - here is one of my favorite at the moment (remember I grew up in the 80ies with Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and all those other Pop stuff...)
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