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Posted: Sat 15. Dec 2007, 05:13
by jsw_nz
in regards to the commitment of the phpWcms community

- OliG has provided a detail-rich evolution of many of the aspects
- of the phpWcms framework (div-images) - (special images) - etc

- but there are a number of interested parties
- wishing to leverage a robust user-management system
- as was discussed and funded ...

The bottom-line question is ...

- when the community can get a comprehensive user-management solution for the framework

- let us know what your development -- schedule/scheme is....
- that targets a release date for user-management
- no pressure - just having a schedule allow us to plan

Phalancs, Kubens (Breitsch), et all ....
have commited serious time to a general framework
...and are awaiting directions...


Posted: Mon 17. Dec 2007, 20:32
by Oliver Georgi
Ohoho, no pressure - hm, Aha? :shock:

You are right - I'm lousy! And yes - really - I'm still working on it (slowly :oops:).

And believe me I need it too in addition to better language handling, better backend and all the/some other long awaited features. Give me some weeks - I will be more chatty between Christmas and New Year.