Think it's time to tell you what's going on

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Think it's time to tell you what's going on

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Hi friends,

I see some frustrations outside... are still waiting for the new release.

Against my planning I was involved in a larger project which was planned for all about 10 days. At the end it took until now (2 months). I will release some more information when it goes public.

It has pro and cons - the cons: I wasn't able to spend a lot of time developing phpwcms. Some short things were done as you have seen with snapshot of 1.3.5 availabe here:

But there are many pros: The main - I have spent a lot of time with Ajax related functionality in frontend and backend! This will help phpwcms a lot and improve usability.

I will not publish any date here (for now) - because this might cause more frustrations again. But I will continue to work hard to release phpwcms with expected (and extended) functions.

By the way - I plan to give phpwcms a new name, new CI and so on. What do you think? Any idea?

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