Ok, the long awaited information (just a very short one)

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Ok, the long awaited information (just a very short one)

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I'm a bit in hurry - so please forgive me this very short postage and my abstinence over the last weeks.

New release of phpwcms will come very close, I guess by end of this week - it is 1.3.5 having some enhanced features and bugfixes.

Interesting things are cropping for thumbnail images and a completely new content part - Flash Media Player which is based on JW Media Player. Flash Media Player supports multiple different media formats from internal and/or remote source, preview image and watermark and...

Another thing is a very quick solution which enables simple integration of remote video players from YouTube or Sevenload (others will follow) using bbcode style replacement tag.

At the moment I'm developing a small shopping module for phpwcms which will be released as soon as it is finished (this week too).

By beginning of next week I will continue developing better rights system, which was started and should result in release by end of July (as latest date). So cross your fingers...

And maybe you have heard the rumour I got employed? Yes, correct - I had signed a contract to do so. Planned beginning was 1st of July but I have canceled the contract 1 week ago to continue working on phpwcms and still being free. So good news for you and all supporters.

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