2 parts Background ...

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2 parts Background ...

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Hi again ! My problem is following: i have background in high resolution and it contain a quiet simply background with wooden floor. And i want to have this floor in all monitor resolutions. This image looks good for example in 1600x1200 but in 1280x960 it cut part of image or it display full size and shows a scroll bar in right ;/ I want to make a kind of wheel in center which stands all the time on the floor but in lower resolutions everything change. I know that its impossible to have resizable background but i want to know how i can add 2 images separately one with main background and second floor. It can be positioned from down. I found a default file with css in backend of phpwcms but and dont know how it works because i put code with url of background and its doesn't work... Maybe its other file with css with settings to template in which putting the code will solve my problem?? other idea is to change background and place floor higher in background. this will show my wheel with all resolutions-but how i can remove this scroll bar?? It doesnt appear down site and only in right(strange). Other problem are links to other pages I need simpy ones like http://www.example.com/second_page not something like: http://www.example.com/index.php?aid=4 The last problem is time in articles i want to remove it but i don't know why ;/ unchecking start date cause error with article.

Great Thanks for help with my problem only this kind of problems remains to start my webpage.
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Re: 2 parts Background ...

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please use only domain names that are under your control. If in doubt always use example.com. I have changed "xxxxx" to "example".

- What CMS version you are using?
- Please have a look to this basic stuff: phpwcms System

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