Options for teaser/link article content type

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Options for teaser/link article content type

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I've been blessed with helping out on a site running phpwcms 1.3.3, and I'm trying to set up a news roller, utilizing the content type teaser/link article.

First off, I would like to know where the entries for selector-dropdown are defined. Currently, I can choose between manual, creation date or change date, but I would like to sort by the begin-date for the news entries the teaser is fed with.
It that possible?

Next, I cannot find where the choices in the template-dropdown are defined.
Now, I can choose between default <ul> <li>, teaser_block.html and teaser_template.html
If I need to edit one or add a new one, is this possible somewhere through the administrative interface?

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Re: Options for teaser/link article content type

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Administrator area does not have that option. Using FTP access you can add custom templates: template/inc_cntpart/teaser. Current releases support all kind of „sort by“ for teasers. Update your cms is most recommend before you try to hack in existing things.
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