YAMLit (beta) goes online in English?

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YAMLit (beta) goes online in English?

Post by santscho » Sat 9. Aug 2008, 20:45

At the moment, there is a big rumor in the German section of this forum about my new project “YAMLit”. I didn’t expect so much feedback, but it looks like, people want something like this. I just ask my self, if I am crazy to do that (I am just an ordinary Swiss designer who lives and works in Singapore). And after the project start, I’ve got the offer of Oliver to host this website on a sub domain of phpwcms.org. I was really surprised.

I've got some requests from English and multilingual speaking people who want to know more about this project and if there is an English version planed or not.

Here some information:

With phpwcms, in combination with YAML, the web publisher is able to produce a website, which fulfills the requirements of browser/operating system independent xhtml/css webdesign. A standard YAML-phpwcms shouldn’t make problems when it comes to a W3C css/xhtml check.
The project shows, how to integrate the YAML framework (http://www.yaml.de) into phpwcms. The necessary steps are well described and documented. All the resources for a successful integration of this great framework into the best CMS ever are available for downloading. For free!
A nice feature of YAMLit is the Gallery section. User can publish and download YAML and W3C compatible menus/navigations/ and CP templates. The problems for many users are the standard templates, which are not working without the necessary CSS files. These classes are mostly not included in the “frontend.css”. It is allowed to download and modify all the templates for customizing for private and commercial use.
In the last view years, I’ve got a lot of help in this forum and I did not know how to give something back. And I also wanted to build my own knowledge library I can use for my future projects. All the resources are stored on one place and available all the time. No more searching on my local computer for any scripts I’ve downloaded once in my life.
There is a lot of work I have to do with YAMLit, but I do it. – Even I have to serve my clients. I started with the German version because it is my mother language. Honestly, it is not planed, that I will translate everything to English now. First, I have to tune the website, then I will move it to yaml.phpwcms.org (thanks Oliver!). Also a new logo/slogan is also pendent. I want to get rid of the beta status very soon. It will change to “stable”, as soon as I’ve got feedback from beta testers and after the necessary changes. I did the whole site within one week (installation, design, writing tutorials and articles) and it is just not good enough. There is a lot of improvement possible.
Any bilingual person who are willing to translate the website to English (and it needs a really hard willing!) are very welcome. But there will not be a big return of investment (I mean money, not experience). The most people will consume instead of donate for this work. And an other problem: The PayPal “Donate” button makes trouble when I want try to certify the website at http://www.w3c.org
So, I hope you understand my situation. I like volunteer work (did the new website of the Singapore Red Cross Society for free), but I have also to take care of my health, family and bank account.
But take YAMLit as a good reason to learn German (be happy that I am not a Chinese!)

Be patient
Ralph (Santscho)
Schon Konfuzius sagte: "Sei kein YAML-Lappen". YAML-phpwcms-Integration auf http://www.yaml.phpwcms.org

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