New snapshots, but when will a new stable version come?

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seems that more People went from phpwcms to Music :lol: :mrgreen:
No Bugs - No Updates - Take it or leave it :D

have written a Song in meantime ;) Bad Day's

[joke]finish a Album - climp the Charts - but then you need a Website - and you're back here again[/joke]
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I'm certainly not complaining either. I just said I wouldn't use snapshots versions. :? Don't get me wrong, if I had the time to install and check I would, unfortunatley, I haven't got that...

So, I'm just waiting, as now more and more pple want a user management, so when they need it I go for joomla! (I changed my mind about that one, it's a good cms once you've got your hands on it, and yes it takes time to master it, so as it takes time to be used to phpwcms).

Deep down I still love phpwcms and it's versatility but I can't tell that to my clients. As I have no strong php/mysl skills I cannot change *everything* by myself and honestly, clients don't give a flying f* about codes all they want is to be lazy and copy paste... (we ALL know that) :)
So when my clients ask me can we do this or that, I cannot answer (as we may have some years ago) "no, that is not possible", they won't take that as an answer, because there are so many pple around making sites and they will get a "yes, we can do that"... ;)

So when I have a 1 project/ 1 person I use phpwcms, when there's more than one, I use joomla! (others use typolight or whatever they are comfortable with). All best to phpwcms and may OG find the time and ressources to keep goign on, I wish him only the best. I stated many years ago that a one person project had eventually more disadvantages then advantages then a team effort (and don't shoot me plz, but I still stand firm to that, without any personal thing against Oliver, on the contrary I think he's one of a kind). Forza Oli, we will be waiting, as we can do nothing else :)

Cheers guys

PS: Yves, bonne m* avec ton camion! :P
Pep & pico: you're always been rock and roll guys :D
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seems that more People went from phpwcms to Music
No Bugs - No Updates - Take it or leave it
No, I started drawing in the meantime. Strange. Seems to be a creative and esoteric year for the community: walking, drawing, mindwork, music ...

Here are the pictures I created so far:

@pico: its sounds good!
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