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Status of 1.35?

Posted: Mon 23. Jul 2007, 12:04
by hulkie
Hello Oliver,

could you please be so kind and give me/us a short status-update about your current development?

thanks in advance!

Posted: Mon 23. Jul 2007, 15:24
by Pappnase

have you read this ... ok the time does not fit cos he as trying to release it about 7-8 July ;-)

Posted: Tue 24. Jul 2007, 10:13
by hulkie
yes I did - actually that is why I am asking. :? Does anybody know where we are timewise?
No offence, but since the fundraising campain as been finished, no announced milestones has been met.
I think genererally it is better to keep expectations low and try to meet the announced dates or maybe even release sooner than promised!

History repeats itself

Posted: Mon 30. Jul 2007, 11:54
by Erubyr
Again nearly a month without a word from Olivier. Promisses where made, again, and not kept, again.

We all pulled together and got the funds requested but it seems it is not that much appreciated. We are very much looking forward to the features/updates that where promissed with the fundraising (that is why we made a considerable donation), but week after week there are no announcements. It was already going like this since we have been using PHPWCMS, over a year ago, and frankly it is starting to bore.

The funds should be worth 3 months work and with Olivier declining a new job one would expect he would have enough time to work on PHPWCMS. And with our donations in mind one would think he would at least keep us informed of progress.

PHPWCMS was so far a good project but if Olivier does not get his act together then we need to start looking for an alternative WCMS that has a more active developper, at least one that communicates with its users.

Posted: Mon 30. Jul 2007, 12:25
by Oliver Georgi

There are one or more options to contact me and ask - hey, what's going on? Why not send me an email...?

I can not follow each thread in the forum - I do so when it is possible. So flip-flop told me to have a look.

What I really hate is "pressure" or posts such this. And also write more than necessary.

If you need your donation back - tell me and you will get it.

But before publishing a new release I have to be sure everything is working as expected.

There are a lot people in the form having my Skype contact and always can ask just-in-time what's going on.

Again - I'm working on new features. Tomorrow frontend user registration and profile handling will be finished. Then this is prepared as new release - together with initial shop module.


Posted: Mon 30. Jul 2007, 12:30
by pepe
@ für den gestressten Oliver: Das hier ist ein positiver Beitrag!

Ja, schön wär es schon, ein paar "Milestones" zu sehen ... auf dem Weg zum Ziel :?

Wer mit phpwcms arbeitet hat zwar ein excellentes Script...
aber nahezu keinerlei Möglichkeit, abgekündigte Neuigkeiten "termingerecht" umsetzen zu können, leider.
Ich hab mich mittlerweile daran gewöhnt, mache keine Termin-Zusagen und bleibe einfach "cool" :wink:

Überraschungen sind doch auch schön ....

Nicht täglich sondern höchstens wöchendlich nach einem Update sehen... das schont die Nerven erheblich :idea:
Im schlimmsten Fall kommt man ein paar Tage "zu spät", hat aber gleich ein paar kleine Bugfixes und Hinweise auf die neuen Features im Forum vorliegen. Wenn das kein Vorteil ist :wink:

Die nächste Version kommt bestimmt, da bin ich ganz sicher!
In diesem Sinne...

Mensch Olli, reg dich doch nicht auf!

Das ist von uns Usern doch nicht böse gemeint... man will lediglich planen!
Und kein Mensch hier will sein Geld zurück...

Ich bin immer schon der Meinung gewesen, zu häufige updates bremsen den User mehr als sie ihn motivieren !!!
Also, vernünftige Entwicklung - auch wenns länger dauert - ist besser als schnelle Updates.

Lediglich ein paar zwischenzeitliche Terminhinweise ohne Begründung wären schon hilfreich...
( vieleicht in Art einer %-Darstellung ? )
Und die besser kritisch bemessen als zu optimistisch, dann werden Erwartungen auch nicht enttäuscht :wink:

Also - ceep cool - mach "deinen job" nach deinen Vorstellungen...
Wir User freuen uns auf alle Fälle auf das kommende Update :D

Posted: Mon 30. Jul 2007, 15:22
by update
So isses! (that's the way!)


Posted: Tue 31. Jul 2007, 10:14
by Erubyr
Dear Olivier,

Apologies for my message, I did not intend to annoy you though I now realize my post did. I meant it as a positive contribution but reading it back I realize I should have written it differently. Next time I will send you mail.

We have been using PHPWCMS for over a year because it is a very good program. As you will agree, there is still room for improvement (there probably always will be) but we would not have been using it for so long if it was not good.

Many people will not bother to post though and just never come back. That way PHPWCMS could be loosing potential users I am afraid. PR is needed, even on an open source project.

As pepe said: We would rather have you bring a good working update then a fast one. But I would kindly ask you to keep us informed. If you promise to have an update within a week and after a month we have not heard anything from you at all then I get annoyed as well.

I have been postponing some projects because I was waiting for the new release because those new projects could benefit enormously from the new features. But I cannot keep postponing, people are waiting on my work as well, so I am working with the current version again, without the features that would make things so much better and I got annoyed and made that post.

And as pepe said also: Nobody wants their money back, we think you deserve it, that is why we donated it in the first place.

So my apologies,


Posted: Tue 31. Jul 2007, 10:36
by Oliver Georgi
Thanks for clearing. I know PR is needed - in combination with new project web site.

If you plan projects and need newer release of phpwcms - sometimes it helps to ask for. Because often new release is nearly finished but needs some review before publishing. So to safe myself - in case I have limited time only - it is not released officially...


Posted: Fri 10. Aug 2007, 04:31
by jsw_nz
Hi Oliver,

I am guessing a number of 'the faithful'
- are willing to give it a trial run
- so even if it has not been officially released
- a working 'in-progress' version would be appreciated

(forgive me if I failed to read any information about CVS releases to date)

Would love to take a look at (and install on my localhost) any betas...
since i am primarily involved in research (in other words - learning more...)
day by day

having said that - guessing the new release - is days away
in any event - your hard work is appreciated!


Posted: Fri 10. Aug 2007, 08:07
by update
I believe that Oliver will hover into this forum these days sort of accidentally and drop a fat new package to chew on
"the faithful"

Posted: Fri 10. Aug 2007, 08:48
by juergen
claus wrote:I believe that Oliver will hover into this forum these days sort of accidentally and drop a fat new package to chew on
"the faithful"
While being a member to this forum for abt. 31 Months, this could be the first thread I could not translate for myself :idea: :arrow: :shock: :D

Posted: Fri 10. Aug 2007, 21:01
by update
:lol: :lol:
"the faithful"

Version 1.3.5

Posted: Tue 14. Aug 2007, 08:48
by Stefan Krummenacher
Hallo Oliver

Vor einiger Zeit hast du einen sehr interessanten Release 1.3.5 angekündigt. Kannst du uns bitte mitteilen ab wann dieser nun definitiv verfügbar sein wird?

Gruss & Danke

Posted: Tue 14. Aug 2007, 10:40
by Oliver Georgi
Leider kenne ich das finale Releasedatum nicht, wer aber Interesse hat, findet hier einen Snapshot. BITTE! Diese Version ist wirklich NUR für die Ungeduldigen unter Euch. Bitte keine Supportanfragen. Ich "versuche" es schnellstmöglich als offizielles Release freizugeben, kann aber nichts versprechen.

This is just a snapshot - it is unsupported!!!

- Flash video player
- Shop (manual setup necessary)
- Cropping (partial)
- and some more things...