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League Database

Post by Vulture » Tue 7. Feb 2006, 11:38

First off, i'd like to say, if this has already been asked, please point me to the post that has the answer in as i am having trouble finding it Via the search.

Thank you.

Well. I am new to this, i have my phpwcms up and runnign although at the moment i ah having trouble remembering my password.

i know there are ways to make member areas ect with secure logins, but is there away to associate..

1. the members to member groups or Teams. as in member A B and C Belong to Team 1, and Member D E and F belong to Team 2, if this is possible is there a way to remove or Add New members to each team.

2. keeping Score of the teams matches, as in, Team 1 Beat team 2, so team 1 would Declare a Win, and team 2 would have to Verify this result.
this would work on the basis that everyone is honest, if one team doesnt turn up then the remaining team can declare a win by default.( Perhaps by posting a screenshot of the end score, and having it attached to the declaration as proof.)

3.the matches could be arranged in advanced entered into the system, then the teams have up untill the day befor, to either accept the time or decline the time, so some sort of calander system.

4. linking back to number 2. a score would have to be determind for a win, depending upon the ranks of the two team. and if its a win, draw or default win. each leading to less points.

5.each team will have their team managment section, being able to choose which members are up for which match, and also a team public section which will show their results and place in the league and member profiles.

6. Linking to point 3. on the arranged match calander, each match will have its rules, time place and people participating shown, so that everyone will know where an when it is.

i think thats it.


Points System.
Team/Members Section.
event Calander.
Result Decleration/Verification.

if anyone can help with this, or know of what i could do, i would apreaciate it alot. thank you for spending time to read this, if i've not made anything clear tell me.

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