Wohin mit dem Copyright Vermerk ?

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Paradroid: Ganz meine Meinung!
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ich denke auch, dass die suchmaschinen ganz gut CONTENT von kommentaren unterscheiden können!
& außerdem: phpwcms ist so gut, ein wenig DANK kann ja nicht schaden...


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ganz meine Rede... wenn es jemandem um wirklich viel viel Geld geht sollte er bitte eine kostenpflichtige Version irgend eines wunderbar bezahlt entwickelten CMS auf dem Markt kaufen und somit auf den Copyright-Vermerk verzichten... In der Lizenz steht meines Wissen nach, dass der Vermerk im Quelltext NICHT entfernt oder geändert werden darf, also auch nicht bei privaten / profitlosen Homepages...

Als Änderung kann man nun ansehen was man will, dass Verschieben an eine andere Stelle würde ich persönlich ganz klar dazuzählen...
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please see this post...

last few entries...look at the login page...
if somone contributes so much then why do they change the login.php page....???
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@Paradroid: FULL ACK

@trip: yes it does, you can edit the frontend-looking like you want to have, there is also no copyright required. if you are a nice boy, you can honor OG's work e.g. in your imprint.

But, you don't have the right to remove any copyright notice that is in the source code.

But, you can change the looking of the backend and therefor you can move the copyright to an other position, but no removing.

And with moving i don't mean this copyright notice:

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phpwcms | open source web content management system

          developed by Oliver Georgi (webverbund.de)
          released under The GNU General Public License
          visit project page: http://www.phpwcms.de

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Just in case you guys didn't read the rest of that thread, the copyright notice is in the source code and we have credit given to Oliver and phpwcms once they are logged in. I love phpwcms to be a jerk about who put in all their hard work and great ideas. We let anyone and everyone knows who wrote phpwcms and are happy to do so. Sorry for any confusion.
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I must say that you ionrock say you don't want to take any credit from the author of this great CMS, why then you don't want to show that it is phpWCMS ?

You say "we would rather people not really know what cms we are using in order to keep a bit of anonymity in hopes of better security."

Do you really belive the security of phpWCMS is so low ?

Why are you using a application that you don't trust enough that you want to hide what application you are using ?

Do you really think that a hacker who wants to try to hack your website don't look at the source code ?

A hacker don't look at the backend text as the importend thing they look of course at the source code the first thing they do, or do you really think they don't ? Your explanation looks to me just a try to hide the fact that you use phpWCMS and to try to take som credits from the author.
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Jari, I see your point and agree with you. I don't think phpwcms is insecure although I am far from a security expert. I have heard too many stories of routers and firewalls getting compromised due to projecting their "make and model". I know a real hacker would look at the source code but I also know a _real_ hacker would not want to do any damage. Anonymity is merely a small part of security and it is by far the least important element.

Of course, the largest reason for the placing the copyright in the source was because it takes away needless details for those that use the cms. They do not care what the name of the cms is that powers their site. They just want to be able to update their website. This doesn't mean that we don't tell them it is phpwcms. I have actually formally trained many clients to use phpwcms. Part of the training involves taking a look at these forums to find answers when they get stuck. My main point here is that it is no secret what cms we use and we have no intention of "hiding" what cms it is.

I hope that no one misunderstands what I have said. I think I was very unclear before so I hope this takes away any confusion. I also want to make it clear that if anything I did was incorrect, I am more than happy to fix it.

On the positive side of things, this dialog can help others to understand what is ok and what is wrong with these sorts of issues.
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