Spaw and FCKeditor Vulnerability Reports

check this often to be informed about any security problem that was reported.
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Spaw and FCKeditor Vulnerability Reports

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Notice: This is no phpwcms specific problem!

Hi friends,

I have seen that there are still attacks against Spaw and FCKeditor - so this is just a warning. There might be possible security problems for older releases of Spaw and/or FCKeditor. So please check again that you use most current releases of phpwcms or fix it yourself.

WYSIWYG editors are located at:
Spaw 1.x: include/inc_ext/spaw
Spaw 2.x: include/inc_ext/spaw2
FCKeditor: include/inc_ext/fckeditor

If you have an upgraded release including Spaw2 delete Spaw1!

Current releases of phpwcms have patched versions included and also some more security checks inside - but nobody is perfect.

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