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Diakonie Bleibergquelle - German

Posted: Thu 3. Mar 2005, 00:31
by Joey
Not totally finished yet, but already online:

My first page with phpWCMS. The content is the work of quite a lot of different unskilled persons, so phpWCMS could show its multi-user and user-friendly qualities. :)

Criticism and commendation are welcome.


Posted: Thu 3. Mar 2005, 00:54
by cyrano
nice site, light and space for the eyes.

and nice description of using people :-)

My suggestions:
set the shadow a bit lighter, so the page seems more lightly and hoovering

the graphics like the logo looks a bit unsharp...

when using photohop or another program which can handle layers:
copy the layer with the text an it and set the layer above to antialiasing text off and the first layer with antialiasing text on, so you get sharper text graphics.. but could also depends on image library you use (GD1, GD 2 or ImageMagic)

some content and words remember my at the time as zivi in a diakon hospital :-)

Posted: Mon 7. Mar 2005, 18:00
by spirelli
Quite nice site. I have one question: How did you customize the print preview?

Posted: Fri 11. Mar 2005, 11:52
by Joey

Thanks for your comments! I will improve the site with your tips as soon as I have a bit more spare-time.

spirelli: I simply cheated a bit with CSS (not totally HTML-conform tho).
Almost every element of the page got an CSS-id. The ones I don't need for the print preview got an "display: none;" in the CSS definition. The other way around I did for the parts that don't need to be seen in the web-layout.


Posted: Fri 11. Mar 2005, 16:04
by spirelli
thans for the explanation! One last question: what is "the other way around"?

Posted: Fri 11. Mar 2005, 23:06
by DerChief
fine site

one little annotation

Um Gottes Willen für den Menschen

Posted: Sat 12. Mar 2005, 00:34
by Joey

spirelli: With "the other way around" I meant that there are elements that don't need to be seen in the regular web-view. This elements got a "display: none;" in the frontend.css.

DerChief: Thanks! (Did correct it.)


Re: Diakonie Bleibergquelle - German

Posted: Sat 23. Jul 2011, 12:17
by Joey

six years after the first launch of the homepage using phpwcms 1.1 RC, we now published a relaunch of the site using phpwcms 1.4.7. The corporate design was left untouched. We also kept the 800px width to let it be compatible with modern mobile devices. As the site is the result of mainly voluntary work things were held as simple as possible. Although it should be fully XHTML/CSS compatible and as accessible as possible now. At least as far as it is possible to achieve with little spare-time-work.

We're still quite satisfied with phpwcms and so continued using it. But it's a little bit sad that quality still is a problem concerning some details: I had to patch three files to make it work as it should. It also took me about 5 hours to do an update from 1.4.2 to 1.4.7 which to me seems to be quite a lot of time for a normal updating-process.

Nevertheless, this is the URL: