post released sites here made with phpwcms
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Post by Omar »

I just finished this website.
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the link isn´t working for me.

3 (!) Jahre warten reichen mir. Ich bin erst mal weg.

Post by brans »

neither for me
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Post by Omar »

Think I found the problem. Something to do with which language version your browser is set to. Should be fixed now.

Thx for the tip.

Post by jscholtysik »

Hi Omar,

I still get an error above your site:
Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /srv/lovert1/www/ ... .php(2048) : eval()'d code on line 8
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link works for me, Firefox German.

I see the error also.
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yeah me too. and i would include the gallery as well. the rest looks pretty fine..
you made a good job but there are some remarks:
  • - don´t use a white background- take teh same colour than teh layout (this sandcolour)
    - change the colours of the links in the texts
    - this sqare in front of the newsletter.. hm what is that for?? that doesn´t fit to it.
    - the headlines of your articels would be maybe nice if you take the same font as in the buttons. (you can use the graphical text mod for that)
    explained here:
    - and i guess you will link the flags on teh bottom as well.
but the rest is really nice

translating the docu
german and english

Post by brans »

I would recommend to widen the left margin of your content a little bit

(ex: <div style="margin-left:10px;">{CONTENT}</div> )
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