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big hobby classic car websites

Posted: Thu 20. May 2021, 10:17
by Orangina
Hello everyone,

since 2008 I use phpwcms for my classic car hobby.
There is no statistic site and values inside phpwcms - so I use only in the db articlecontent entries and the files in filearchive and, Baduras Volkswagen T2-Bulli Seite, online, articlecontent = 20000, filearchive = 6800, Baduras Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Seite, articlecontent = 1600, filearchive = 1000
and some small more...

Thank you Oliver and team to keep phpwcms keep on running all the time...
Also thanks to kukki to start with css in phpwcms.

Rolf from Berlin, Germany

Re: big hobby classic car websites

Posted: Sat 22. May 2021, 10:33
by Oliver Georgi
Kudos! It's really classic – like the Bulli.

Aber so soll es sein. Es geht doch in allererster Linie um Inhalte. Dafür wurde das WWW geschaffen.