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Posted: Fri 9. Nov 2012, 05:27
by santscho
New website for my client online

- phpwcms (cms, device detection, responsive jquery based responsive contentparts)
- yaml 4 (responsive css framework)
- jquery (responsive plugins)

Dealing with full-width design + device optimised output

What kinda special
- Mobile navigation when device width below 760px
- All images in the galleries are touch-swipe enabled
- low-res image rendering for smartphones
- high-res image rendering for desktop
- mid-res image rendering for tablets
- the 360 degree photography section comes with it's own mobile application

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Posted: Fri 9. Nov 2012, 10:02
by nameless1
fancy pants!

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Posted: Wed 21. Nov 2012, 15:38
by axelko
Very nice done. I'll study this site to see how you did al the stuff.
Great work.



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Posted: Wed 28. Nov 2012, 15:23
by phalancs
Wow. sehr schick gemachte Seite, obwohl ich full-width Seiten eigentlich gar nicht mag.
Die Panoramas sind echt beeindruckend, wobei: Flash-Verzicht ist da schwer, aber möglich :)

Re: (desktop/tablet/smartphone)

Posted: Fri 17. May 2013, 08:21
by santscho
flash nur auf desktop und android. auf iOS geraeten wird html 5 verwendet.