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My first: consultancy site with media clipping

Posted: Wed 21. Sep 2011, 01:57
by cbesposito
Hi everybody,

My first phpwcms site is ready for prime time. Please take a look:

Mosaico is a political/economic consultancy in Brazil and their site is strongly based on media clipping. These can be newspaper and magazine articles, radio interviews or appearance on TV news, so I customized templates for each kind of media (text, audio, video).

The client wanted to update the content themselves, so I made it easy for them to use the News feature and have minimum trouble (and minimum risk) doing it.

I started this project on Drupal, but it was too heavy and complicated for non-technical people (i.e. the client) to maintain. I discovered phpwcms and it does a great job at being powerful yet simple and flexible. I foresee many projects coming up for me on this platform. Congratulations on a great CMS and keep up the good job!

Carlos Esposito

Re: My first: consultancy site with media clipping

Posted: Sat 24. Sep 2011, 21:06
by santscho
Nice and clean. I like your horizontal menu bar. Is it dynamically (phpwcms generated) or static?

Re: My first: consultancy site with media clipping

Posted: Thu 29. Sep 2011, 02:40
by cbesposito
The "clean" looks was a requirement, since the client needs to convey an objective, straight-to-the-point personality.
I designed the logo and the corporate identity too, so I'm doubly responsible for ensuring that :wink:

The 1st level menu (gray horizontal bar) is dynamic, generated by the NAV_LIST_UL feature. Well, not truly dynamic because I have to assign background PNG images to each generated <li> class (li_cat_1, li_cat_2 etc.). But the NAV_LIST_UL helps by automating hover and active highlighting. With the 2nd level (the sliding panes), I was having a really hard time making it dynamic, so I eventually gave up and hard-coded the aliases. Maybe when it's all done I'll come back and do it properly (yeah right).

Today I uploaded v1.1, with the capability of listing media clippings by vehicle. I wanted to make it work through tags in news postings, which required some work with the templates and PHP. Now the structure is complete. There are some 50 or so clippings yet to be included. And the client is trying to get permission for the video and audio pieces, which will add some coolness.

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.