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Posted: Wed 6. Oct 2010, 17:08
by santscho
Made my 2nd iPhone web application. Integrated iWebkit framework in phpwcms.

Normal website here:

The iPhone optimized version here (beta):
- browse the content with safari (mac/win/iphone). I think, with chrome and IE 8 also possible.
- if iPhone: startup image before loading of the main content
- if iPhone: use the "+" and "add to homescreen" in safari to create an application icon on your home screen. Now, you can start the web application without safari. And it acts also like a normal application (the url bar and the bookmark bar are not visible anymore)

- Templates (layout and cp's) allow to create iPhone optimized content without manual coding
- Images (special) template available for "finger swipe browsing"
- generating forms in iphone style.
- If sub categories available, automatic rendering of a horizontal menu

Very soon, I can show you the web application I did for WWF. Once it goes online, I will let you know.

visit for more information what is possible with this framework.

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Posted: Sun 31. Oct 2010, 11:41
by macangelo
Hi santscho

Impressive - I mean the iPhone thing! And I'm very curious what you mean with "Integrated iWebkit framework in phpwcms." - What did you do?


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Posted: Sun 31. Oct 2010, 17:38
by santscho
iwebkit is a framework like for example "yaml". it is based on css3 and java script. the code is for iphone optimized applications. for using iwebkit in phpwcms, you have to bind the javascripts and css files. then you need to write the templates and change things in the configuration file of phpwcms.
for the contentparts, you need also to write special templates. for example, made one for the contentpart "images special". it allows to sweep the images with your finger. As you know, iphone is touchscreen based. so you need scripts which understand finger gestures.

acutally, it is not complicated to integrate iwebkit in phpwcms. but it takes a while to find out the optimal solutions. Creating forms for iphone is still a little bit a pain. because the automatic form output does not work (table based). So you need to write the frontend template on your own.

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Posted: Wed 3. Nov 2010, 09:21
by macangelo
Hi santcho

I'm kind of drowning right now but I'm eager to check it out. Do you know if there are already any templates for iPhone and iwebkit out on the market (both paid or free)?

macangelo for iPhone(!) BETA

Posted: Wed 3. Nov 2010, 12:45
by santscho
You dont need to buy templates. Just follow the iwebkit tutorial and you will learn very fast how to work with. It's simple. Template for phpwcms: 10 minutes.

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Posted: Wed 3. Nov 2010, 17:40
by santscho
...unfortunately, I don't have time to write a whole tutorial. But feel free to check/copy my html soure code.

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Posted: Wed 3. Nov 2010, 20:48
by macangelo
Hi Santcho - your an angel, thanks a lot (I wish I were in Singapore, I would take you for a latte macchiato or something ;-) )

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Posted: Thu 4. Nov 2010, 10:37
by xinoy
Very impressive! Well done! What about my webdesign ? There are more websites in my webdesign portfolio.
All websites are made with PHPWCMS the best CMS there is :)
If you got tips for my website...!

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Posted: Fri 5. Nov 2010, 23:20
by Rainer G
Not only for the iPhone, it's also for the iPhone essential (my iPod Touch) ;-)