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Re: Car Club site

Post by Jensensen » Thu 20. Nov 2008, 02:31

1996 328ti wrote:Time to bump this thread because it's a new year for this site.
I may never have a site that I am proud of. :( ...
Hey man,
what has happen? The old site has been GREAT, so, why not the new one?
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Re: Car Club site

Post by 1996 328ti » Thu 20. Nov 2008, 02:54

Well. . .
The site is for an annual event.
I want to make it more generic so I don't have to change it each year, except for a few parts.

I like the 2nd url because the rotating photos look better than the first and there is more room for content.
I like the menu better in the 1st.
In the 2nd I need two menus.
I originally used a menu that showed all of the submenus open.
Our art director did not like that and wanted the menu closed with an additional menu on top as needed.

In one way I like being challenged, in another I like to do what I want.
I do not have an artistic eye so I am relying on our art director.

I have a strange problem in that there is a 1 or 2px space between the header and body in IE7. Firefox looks fine.
I need to use tables because I want it to be printer friendly using the [print]print[/print] tag.
I have not seen a print RT for this latest version. 1.3.9.

I love phpwcms.
Someone is taking over my old site, and replacing it with joomla
You've seen one joomla site, you''ve seen them all.
But with phpwcms, no two sites need to look alike. :)
The only limitation is your imagination.

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