CP form: add error class to lable --> NOT only input

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CP form: add error class to lable --> NOT only input

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I spent years and hours finding a solution for the following problem that:

with CP form you can add classes only to input fields.

And in case of errors:
a) the error messages appears solely - isolated.
b) the CSS class 'error' is applied only to input fields

Error tags are never applied to labels.

Because of that there are some limitations:
a) you only can take an affect on the styling of the input field
b) or the [isolated] error messages

but you cannot change or edit <label>

What do I want to have in case of errors:
a certain color of the label tag

Today I stumbled over the solution:
in your custom form template

Code: Select all

<label for="email"[IF_ERROR] class="MYerror"[/IF_ERROR]>E-Mail<strong>*</strong></label>{email}
I can't explain how it works - but it works well.
You need the input field have set marked 'required'.

Output HTML:

Code: Select all

<label for="email" class="MYerror">E-Mail<strong>*</strong></label><input type="text" name="email" id="email" value="" class="error" />

useful CSS now available:

Code: Select all

label.MYerror ....aus die maus
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Re: CP form: add error class to lable --> NOT only input

Post by update »

Great :D
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