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If you have created additional (non official) documentation or tutorials or something like that please post this here
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Re: Update phpwcms

Post by santscho »

Why are you guys "copy" the filearchive on the server again and have the risk of getting the wrong permissions for your files?

- just keep the old "filearchive" on the server. you don't need to replace it with the "filearchive" folder of the new phpwcms version.

Thank you for your instructions.
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Re: Update phpwcms

Post by Jensensen »

no instructions but suggestions:

Hi santscho,

you're right somehow! But keep in mind that these file(name)s are restored in the --> database ==> that is moving, changing.

These files MUST be recoverable [recognized by the system] even on the --> "new" location. But WHAT IS THE NEW "location"???

It can be ---> that much!!!¿ (same dir, new dir, new server, new host...)

santscho wrote:... just keep the old "filearchive" on the server ...
THIS WOULD MEAN* --> WORKING, running the update ==> HOT risky, dangerous, hazardous ==> ON THE public ==> LIVE SERVER. {am i right?}

And YES, this is one reason, why [denglish: every update of phpwcms is anything BUT NOT convenient] updating "phpwcms" cannot easily be done.

[yes we can and you can do also ==> with the r_xyz dev's we got since one year (diff's drüberbügeln = override diff's)]
But you aren't a gambling gambler --> 'Hasardeur', aren't you?

In brief: same server/same dir == no backup == no way for retreat/recover/rescue == leave as is {full ack}
==> plain || overridden

* btw. it depends on your web hosters' services / qualities / SLA's / capabilities whether you are able to move/copy/restore directories [keeping even r/w chmod settings] or not.

I still tend to agree, but then the way back [! last rescue ¿] will be more difficult, i think, don't you?
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Re: Update phpwcms

Post by dawed »

Jensensen wrote:As promised, this is a short description of another approach (experientially) to run do updates very fast **):
(and it is verifiable working fine!)
Just for beeing sure, this is the way for update when i can not make a second DB on the webserver?
i have installed 1.3.5 and like to update to phpwcms 1.4.5

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Re: Update phpwcms

Post by Nemesco »

After upgrading from 1.3.9 to 1.4.7 I have an error when going to the backend file archive.

Files are showing well in frontend but not in the backend.
It's also not possible to upload new files to the filearchive.
Error in Filearchive after upgrade from 1.3.9 to 1.4.7
Error in Filearchive after upgrade from 1.3.9 to 1.4.7


Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out.

When updating the database I tought It was only necessary to use step 21 (1.3.5 to 1.5.sql)
When I applied the next database upgrade, step 22 (1.4 to 1.5.sql) the filecenter was filled with all fileinfo again.
Error Solved after applying the last DB update
Error Solved after applying the last DB update
What I don't understand is why step 22 is necessary when the update of the database in step 21 is allso to 1.5.sql

Anyway, the upgrade is completed :D


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Re: Update phpwcms

Post by flip-flop »


have a look: Releases

I think naming "to 1.5.sql" is a bit clumsy.


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