Flash Menu - with search function?

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Flash Menu - with search function?

Post by Dave_G »

Hi All,

I'm just finishing up a site and had one of those "how dumb am I?" moments! In the mock up to the client I have a search function included in the header of the site. No problem usually, but it's contained within a flash file. Is it possible to use the "search" function, within flash, on a phpwcms site?

The Site is here so you can get a better look!
-be forewarned, full blast gospel music is on the index page! (I know, I know, but the client wanted it!)

The client is still learning the backend of the system, so it's a little bare right now!

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Post by rescamilla »

Nice site. Cant help with the flash.

I am interested in how you are implementing the Calendar.

I am using the same calendar for one of my customers:
http://www.mcdermottformayor.com/web/in ... s_calendar

Are you using an inline frame?


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Post by Kosse »

Hi DaveG,

guess you'll have to use some actionscript to call the search function...
Maybe the easiest way is to point to a search page you create in phpwcms, say for instance index.php?search
Open your .fla file and locate the button, there should be an action on it, something like on(press), there put:

Code: Select all

I'm not 100% sure about this but seems the easiest solution.

Good luck.

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Post by Dave_G »

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the thoughts! The calendar was "hacked" (and I use that term loosley) by implementing visioneer's changes he suggesting in another forum. That looks like what you did? Here was the original post:
http://www.phpwcms.de/forum/viewtopic.p ... ght=extcal

I'll try the flash - that's what I had used in the past but wasn't sure if that would mess up all that was going on within the CMS. For now I cut it out and used a search content part. I'll play with it this weekend, and let you know how it works out!


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