Insert break instead of new paragraph?

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Insert break instead of new paragraph?

Post by vrain »

I remember reading a while ago about how its possible to make phpwcms automatically insert </br> tag in places where two separate <p></p> tags are created. Can't find it through search, can someone help?

My "wysiwyg html" content part gives me new paragraphs for every break, and there's no "/br" button in the HTMLArea interface. I dont want to manually edit the html for it.


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Post by spirelli »

I'm not sure which WYSIWYG editor does what, but somethimes you can have the <br> tag instead of a new paragraph when you press Shift + Return (Enter). I think that's what I when using SPAW. Try it. But I guess if you write "automatically" you want it to do this generally with every return you do. Check out the included FCKeditor. Seems to work this way for me: 1 Return gives <br>, two returns give <p>.

Also, refer to the discussion boards on the websites of the respective WYSIWYG editors, as it is down to the editor and not phpwcms.
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Post by pepe »

Hi vrain,

if you are using FCKeditor2, its possible to change...

Code: Select all

// When the user presses <ENTER> FCKeditor inserts a <BR> tag instead of a <P> tag (on IE).
// FCKConfig.UseBROnCarriageReturn	= false ; // -------------------- ORIGINAL-Wert ----- 
FCKConfig.UseBROnCarriageReturn	= true ;

You can find it inside the file: include/inc_ext/FCKeditor2/fckconfig.js
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