Dodgy layout

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Dodgy layout

Post by KindredHyperion » Thu 17. Feb 2005, 15:34

I'm getting some odd layout problems when trying to make a site where the navigation etc is all on the right side of the page rather than the left.


Any ideas why this could be?

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Post by Pappnase » Thu 17. Feb 2005, 22:05


the problem is that you can modify the nav_table_column tag. so that zou can set all to the right.

the onlz one you can do is remove the image and aligh all to the right in the template_default..... file! (it's only an idea never test it before! *sorry*)

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Post by rk » Thu 17. Feb 2005, 23:46

If you use the dev-version, you could use the new {NAV_LIST}-Tag and design your menu with css.

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Post by Ben » Fri 18. Feb 2005, 05:12

You've probably already done this, but is nav_table_column in the right block and content in the main block? Also, is your pagelayout set up properly? I'd guess you want the right column to be about 200px and the main 740px with 10 for the left and right spaces.

Like I said, you've probably already considered these factors.

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Post by KindredHyperion » Fri 18. Feb 2005, 10:01

Can someone remind me where the file for NAV_TABLE_COLUMN is? I've completely forgotten :oops:


Post by brans » Fri 18. Feb 2005, 10:39

To change settings that you can't find inside your backend-administration area, you will always have to look up the following folder:

RC4 and older:

DEV 1.1.5 1.1.9 and 1.2:

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