Replacement tag does not get interpreted!! Please help!

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Replacement tag does not get interpreted!! Please help!

Post by Nik2004 » Wed 1. Sep 2004, 13:05

I followed the directions at to add a replacement tag, but the tag does not get interpreted at all! It is displayed as initially inserted in the template. No error or any attempt of the system to interpret it! Any clue? I tried many edits of the associated files ( and, everything seems OK, but the tag does not get replaced.

Note: I posted this also at: by mistake. I think the general support forum is the right place for such a question, because this is in fact a general question about replacement tags.

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Post by Pappnase » Wed 1. Sep 2004, 13:17


this was no mistake! the other forum part is the right one!
cos that is an hack no offical RT.

but if you use the latest phpwcms version (27.08) it could be that this hack is incompatible.