nav bar has a broken image

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nav bar has a broken image

Post by Rickstar »

On the nav bar i keep getting a little image on the right and i cant disable it. What is it and how do i fix it?.

also sorry if this sounds silly but i delete all hex colours in the css for the nav but cant find which line it is for the onmouse colour. eg i want the text to change to orange when the user puts there mouse on it.


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Post by spirelli »

you must have accidently deleted the leer.gif image, which is a transparent gif, serving as a space holder. The actual image has only only a size of 1x1 pixel.

You can download it here:

If you press Ctrl+A to select everything in the browser window you should be able to see the little dot at the top left. That's the image.

And then you should put it into your 'img' folder:

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