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Post by libmgg » Thu 18. Mar 2010, 12:15

Would like to separate the {CONTENT} tag from the {PHP:filename.php} tag with code inside a template main box:
Ex. if (FE_CURRENT_URL == "{SITE}index.php?article")
use {CONTENT};
use {PHP:filename.php};

Having trouble with a call of the {CONTENT} within the html code found in the file.

For what is intended, just created another template for the content based article.

Upgraded to 1.4.5 (2010/02/22, r401).

Consider this one solved.
All templates where the desired, either built content for the article or that of {PHP:filename.php}
can be done by leaving the main box empty, and using a html content part to hold the above PHP tag.
The content added by the article form is called by default, so a empty main on the template form leaves a call
of the default.
Could have sworn that before the upgrade, using the {PHP:tag} within a html content part from the article form page
would not work . Tried it after the upgrade and using just the {PHP:tag} alone nothing else within a html
content part from the article form page (addition to the content) the file is included with out worry of conflict with
other content.

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