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TZ issue: CP: OK (php.ini) / Art. Summ. & Calendr: offset

Posted: Sat 5. Dec 2009, 21:53
by StudioZ
The server on which I am hosted (CPanel shared account) is set one hour
back of my local time (America/Montreal). I managed to fix this issue by
creating a php.ini file inside my PhpWCMS folder where adding this line to:
date.timezone = America/Montreal

So... now everytime I update a CP, the "last edit date/time is showing

The problem is only with Article summary(ies). Suppose I create a new
Article, then I have to wait for an hour before it goes live. This could be
misleading for a new PhpWCMS user. In my case, I simply cheat by editing
the "HH:" portion in "edit article basis information > begins YYYY-MM-DD

I also noticed an issue with the core "calendar/events" module.
Suppose I want an event to show "time: from 09:00 - 17:00"
I will have to enter: 08:00 - 16:00 when creating/editing the event.

Hope these issues will be simple to fix.