Article approval by Editor/Administrator before it's visible

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Article approval by Editor/Administrator before it's visible

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Is it currently feasible (as a standard feature or as a hack) to require article approval for articles created by particular backend users, by a nominated "Editor" or an Administrator, before the article(s) become visible on the site?

Of course, some users could create articles (in a cooperative sense) and be asked to keep them invisible until someone checks them and makes them visible. But, is there a way to disable for specific users the ability to make their articles visible?

Also, is it possible for simple (i.e. non-admin) backend users to simply open/view/copy articles created by other backend users (or by an administrator)? Currently, the backend system allows only administrators to view/copy (and, of course, edit) articles created by other users.

If no such features are currently available, are they planned for next version? Is there a plan for implementing a more complex (not too complex, but more feature-rich) content preparation process? (e.g. like authors - contributing content -, editors - who approve content -, Admins - who make particular decisions on site structure, with suitable permissions respectively).

I am sure Oliver and other users are aware of such features, which are needed by a site Administrator to keep control of site content, when many content contributors are involved.

Any guidance will be appreciated.

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