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by frenzal
Fri 17. Mar 2006, 17:33
Forum: phpwcms Support English
Topic: settuing up the template divs
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I've just started with phpwcms too and what i've figured out is the following, to use css div layout there are 2 options: 1.) use the standard css div layout available in page layout then just apply your own css (simply upload your css to the same folder as frontend.css) 2.) and what i've done, in p...
by frenzal
Fri 17. Mar 2006, 17:25
Forum: hacks & enhancements
Topic: mygallery mod
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Hi, i'm quite new to phpwcms and have been doing some research for an image gallery, from what I can tell this is the only real mod available for phpwcms that allows you to have a gallery I installed it all ok, but it wasn't possible to upload zip files is this a future feature or am i missing a com...