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by mrampersad
Fri 25. Sep 2009, 03:56
Forum: phpwcms Modules English
Topic: Module API Stability
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Module API Stability

Are add-on modules the intended method for developers to extend the function of phpwcms in a way that will continue to work when updates happen? Since my other topic received no replies, I would like to create my own add-on module, but I fear that a later upgrade of phpwcms will break my code unexpe...
by mrampersad
Wed 16. Sep 2009, 21:51
Forum: phpwcms Support English
Topic: Additional Newsletter Fields
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Additional Newsletter Fields

Is there a supported way to add fields to newsletter recipients? Currently newsletter recipients only have email and name fields. I require gender, age-range, and occupation. I want to add fields in a way that will not interfere with future upgrades of phpwcms.

Thank you!